Hi, I’m Kevin McKeever,
Labour Candidate for
Northampton South.

  • Pledge: minimum wage increase to £8 per hour

    Labour has pledged to increase the minimum wage to £8 per hour by 2020 - lifting pay for many in Northampton South.
  • Labour Policy: Freeze that bill

    Labour plans to freeze energy bills until 2017 will benefit 40,469 households in Northampton South.
  • Fact: Since 2010 there are 478 fewer Sure Start centres

    David Cameron says the economy is healing but for many, things are getting worse not better, as prices continue to rise faster than wages and people struggle to make ends meet.

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Trust in politics is still low. This week’s revelations over MPs’ outside interests is a reminder of the failures of the last Parliament across all parties. I believe the job of MP should be full time and exclusive. That’s why I’ve pledged today to have no outside interests if returned as MP for Northampton South…. continue reading

Our plan to beat tax avoidance

I’m shocked by the emerging story of industrial scale tax avoidance carried out by HSBC on behalf of the global elite, including many Tory party donors. I’m deeply concerned that many banks and corporations are cynically circumventing tax laws in order to minimise their tax liability, robbing our public services of the funding they deserve… continue reading

The truth about Boots

The Monaco-based acting-CEO of Boots has been criticising Labour for pledging to crack down on tax avoidance and strengthening workers’ rights, so I thought it right to share some facts about Boots and its addiction to tax dodging: