Hi, I’m Kevin McKeever,
Labour Candidate for
Northampton South.

  • Pledge: Proposed increase to MP’s pay

    As Member of Parliament for Northampton South, I’d donate any increase in wages to local charities – and call on other candidates to pledge the same.
  • Labour Policy: Freeze that bill

    Labour plans to freeze energy bills until 2017 will benefit 40,469 households in Northampton South.
  • Fact: Since 2010 there are 478 fewer Sure Start centres

    David Cameron says the economy is healing but for many, things are getting worse not better, as prices continue to rise faster than wages and people struggle to make ends meet.

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Kevin calls for an end to lockout at Northampton General

LABOUR’S KEVIN MCKEEVER CALLS FOR END TO LOCKOUT AT NORTHAMPTON GENERAL Kevin McKeever, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Northampton South, has called on called on the management at Northampton General Hospital (NGH), which is situated in the Northampton South constituency, to end the ‘lock out’ of 78 biomedical scientists, who perform diagnostic tests in NGH’s pathology… continue reading

GP ‘deregistration’

There are increasing reports that GP surgeries across Northampton are ‘deregistering’ existing patients to make way for new ones. Has this happened to you or someone you know? Please fill in the survey below so we can get a sense of the scale of the problem:  

Kevin responds to Brian Binley food bank “free loaders” remark

I am surprised to hear Brian Binley so casually dismiss the rise in use of food banks. Just last month I visited Northampton Food Bank and saw first-hand the sterling work being done by the charity and its volunteers. Far from “free loaders”, food bank users are referred from a number of professional agencies and… continue reading